Specialised support services

We offer a wide range of specialised support services for adults. This caters to people with difficulties in communication, social skills, behaviour and impulse control. It includes but is not limited to adults with autism and ADHD.




Individual Support Plans: We will create plans tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each person, taking into account their learning style, communication abilities, social skills, and behavioural challenges. We also provide medication management to anyone who requires it.

Communication Support: We can assist with alternative communication methods such as sign language, picture communication systems, or alternative communication devices, to help individuals express themselves effectively and participate in daily activities and social interactions.

Social Skills Development: We offer social skills training and support to help individuals develop and improve their social skills, including initiating and maintaining conversations, interpreting social cues, and building meaningful relationships with peers and caregivers.

Structured Activities and Routine: Providing structured activities and daily routines to help individuals with learning disabilities feel more organised, secure, and engaged, reducing anxiety and supporting positive behaviour patterns.

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